Tips For People Who Need Dentures When They're Young

Posted on: 5 February 2018

If you have missing teeth or premature tooth loss, you might not be able to get other replacement options like singular implants or bridges. The only other solution is partial or full dentures, depending on your situation. Most people associate dentures with elderly individuals, so it's easy to feel self-conscious about having dentures when you're just a teen or young adult. Here are some tips that can make living with dentures easier when you're young, and some tips to help you feel as confident as possible so you can still live a full life. 

Invest in Quality

Not all dentures are created equal. Some are less expensive than others, and in many cases, you do get what you pay for. You'll want to invest a little extra money into dentures that look realistic and provide good support for your remaining gum tissue and jaw bone. Without teeth, you can develop a sunken look because your jaw lacks the support of the framework of teeth. A good pair of dentures that fits well will help to slow or even prevent this from happening. 

Quality teeth will look natural and beautiful. You might be afraid of having the too-white, too-perfect, brick-like teeth from dentures you've seen in the past. However, modern denture technology is always improving, and with newer versions, you'll have a hard time telling that the teeth are not real. 

Dedicate Yourself to Proper Care

Dentures are not a pass on regular hygienic care. Your natural teeth may be gone, but you still need to clean dentures every day to help them last longer and to keep them looking nice. You should also take care to clean out your mouth, especially if you only have partial dentures, to make sure your remaining teeth stay healthy. 

Work on Your Confidence

People need to have their teeth pulled or they lose teeth for different reasons. Some people have mineral deficiencies. Others lose teeth from sports or accidents. Some have genetic issues that lead to poor tooth health. It doesn't matter the reason why, because the result is the same. However, you might feel like people will judge you for needing replacement teeth at such a young age.

Instead of focusing on how people with react, instead work on getting your new teeth to feel and sound natural in your mouth. Practice talking with your dentures in the mirror. Practice a full smile, especially if you've been hiding your smile for the last few years because of teeth problems. You'll see that a good pair of dentures is hardly noticeable. 

Many young people also worry about dating. How might you, for example, kiss somebody when you are wearing dentures? These are designed to stay in place even when chewing tougher foods, so as long as your dentures fit well, they should not be very noticeable. 

Remind yourself that you are the one who notices your teeth the most. People will not even be looking at your teeth when you interact with them. 

Consider Semi-Permanent Options

Upper dentures are less likely to become displaced through regular activity. Lower dentures are less secure, and if you are horrified at the idea of your dentures slipping or moving, you can talk to your dentist about getting them supported with implants. These are different than regular implants because a regular implant is per tooth. Implant-supported dentures fix to permanent posts in your mouth that hold them in place. 

For more information, contact a local dentist who works in tooth restoration and denture fittings. You can have a full social life, a confident smile, and a healthy mouth if you know what to expect.