3 Ways To Whiten Your Teeth

Posted on: 15 March 2016

If you would like to improve the color of your teeth, there are many different approaches that you can take. Here are a few of them:

Natural Whitening

If you would like whiter teeth without the use of chemicals, there are some natural substances that can be applied to your teeth. Here are a few of them:

Turmeric Powder

Turmeric is the bright yellow spice that is used in Indian dishes such as curry. It also colors mustard. This particular spice is extremely staining to clothing, skin and other materials. However, it whitens tooth enamel.

Turmeric has a mildly coarse texture that can help polish stains from your teeth. In addition, the active ingredient in turmeric, which is called curcumin, has anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties to help sooth your gums and protect teeth from decay.

To whiten your teeth with turmeric, simply brush with the powder as you would with conventional toothpaste.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has many health benefits. The oil is a primary source of lauric acid, which has anti inflammatory properties. In addition, coconut oil is antimicrobial. To use the oil as a whitening paste, apply it to your toothbrush bristles and brush.

Since coconut oil is a solid at room temperature, it can be easily applied in a manner similar to conventional toothpaste. Be sure to release the coconut oil into a trash receptacle instead of your sink or toilet after brushing. This is important because once coconut oil is cold, it quickly hardens and can clog your pipes.

 Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal can be used to lighten the teeth. The absorbent material can help absorb dental staining as the mild abrasiveness of the powder polishes the tooth enamel.

Over-the-counter Products

There are many different tooth-whitening products that are available over-the-counter, such as whitening strips, whitening toothpaste and whitening rinses. The gels used for whitening strips are you generally peroxide-based.

The whitening toothpaste contains slightly abrasive polishing agents just as conventional toothpaste does. However, additional whitening ingredients, such as peroxide, may be added. Whitening rinses generally help dissolve and bleach stains away.

Professional Whitening

If you would like to whiten your teeth quickly and effectively, a professional in-office whitening session maybe needed.  This type of whitening offers the highest concentration of bleaching agents and is often intensified using a special light. Teeth can become multiple shades lighter in a single session.

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