Preparing Yourself For A Seamless Same-Day Dental Crown Experience

Posted on: 5 April 2023

Getting a same-day dental crown can be a major treatment for individuals, especially if you need to familiarize yourself with the steps involved. However, you will have a smoother and more comfortable experience by being well-informed and prepared. 

Tip: Verify That Your Insurance Covers Same-Day Crowns

Before you proceed with your same-day dental crown procedure, you must confirm that your insurance plan will cover the treatment. Contact your insurance company and gather all the necessary information to ensure you accurately know what you must pay for your share of the treatment. Luckily, getting a dental crown is a standard procedure, and your insurance may make it easy to look up the cost of this treatment.

Tip: Maintain Optimal Oral Hygiene Before The Appointment

Taking good care of your oral health needs leading to the procedure can help you to make the experience go smoother. Thoroughly brushing and flossing will make the process easier and help reduce the risk of complications related to poor oral hygiene. Depending on your procedure, you may be given a prescription mouthwash to use in the days leading up to the treatment. This can significantly reduce the number of bacteria in your mouth.

Tip: Prepare For A Soft Food Diet Following Your Dental Crown Placement

Once your same-day dental crown has been placed, you must give it time to settle and adjust. During the days after the crown is placed, eating soft foods that will not stress your new dental crown is advisable. Foods like yogurt, soups, and mashed potatoes are ideal because they require minimal chewing and will not damage your crown. As you gradually adjust to your new dental crown, you can reintroduce harder foods into your diet. However, always remember to be gentle when chewing and avoid particularly hard or sticky foods that could cause damage.

Tip: Use Warm Salt Water Rinses To Minimize Inflammation And Discomfort

It is common to experience some minor discomfort and inflammation following a same-day dental crown procedure. To alleviate these symptoms, gently rinsing your mouth with warm salt water can reduce the amount of swelling that occurs, and it can soothe your gums. For most patients, this inflammation will pass after a day or two. However, if the gums around the tooth that received the crown remain inflamed, you may need a follow-up visit with your dentist to determine the issue. In some cases, a crown may be positioned in a way that irritates the gums, but this can be a relatively simple adjustment for your dentist to make.

Reach out to a local dentist to learn more about dental crowns, such as CEREC same-day crowns.