Dental Implants: A Great Option For Fighters Missing Teeth

Posted on: 6 March 2023

MMA fighters and boxers commonly lose teeth as part of their sport, even when using mouthguards and other protective items. This loss may not seem like a significant problem, but it can become an issue if the tooth is not replaced or fixed. Thankfully, dental implants can help manage this problem and keep a fighter safe from oral health concerns. 

Why Implants are Critical for Fighters 

Dental implants fit comfortably in the gums and provide a strong and stable replacement tooth. They're a superlative option for fighters looking to improve their overall oral health. They can:

  • Replace the Tooth Properly: A high-quality dental implant replaces a tooth entirely and improves a fighter's overall appearance. While may not be that important to a fighter, they still deserve to look as nice as they want, and an implant can improve their smile immeasurably.
  • Strengthen the Jaw: Fighters taking a heavy blow to the face need a strong jaw. Unfortunately, losing a tooth can decrease jaw strength. Missing teeth can even cause excessive aging symptoms. Thankfully, implants help by restoring the jaw to its normal health.
  • Improve Oral Health: A missing tooth threatens a fighter's overall oral health and can make things like gum disease, tooth infections, and other conditions more common. As a result, it is critical to get a dental implant to replace the missing tooth and keep a fighter's oral health strong.
  • Minimize Teeth Shattering Risk: Teeth work together in the mouth to provide a strong structure. When one is missing, an impact is more likely to damage others and even increase a fighter's risk of shattering their teeth and losing them. Thankfully, an implant can avoid this risk and keep a fighter's teeth as strong as possible.

These benefits make dental implants an essential part of any oral healthcare process. Just as importantly, it can ensure that fighters keep their jaws strong and minimize problems with their career. Those are major benefits for a promising fighter looking to improve their success.

Getting Fit For an Implant 

Implants typically take a few steps to install correctly. First, a fighter is fit with a rod that goes into the gums. Once this post has healed, a dentist can install the implant and ensure that it fits comfortably in place. Once in place, fighters can feel comfortable and secure that their implant is supporting their overall oral health and keeping them safe from long-term oral health problems.

For more information on dental implants, contact a professional near you.