Addressing The Dental Needs Of Pregnancy

Posted on: 11 May 2022

There is something about being responsible for an unborn life that compels many pregnant women to take better care of themselves. They may take prenatal vitamins, see the doctor more often, pay more attention to their eating habits, and more. One area of health that could be overlooked is your dental care. For a few pointers on maintaining good dental health throughout your pregnancy, read below.

Get Proactive Care

If you are considering becoming a mother, get any needed dental procedures out of the way before you get pregnant. Your dentist can do X-rays and check for any teeth that need a filling or for loose fillings. Your gum health is important too, and the time to address any infections is before you get pregnant. The hormones of pregnancy can affect the way your body handles infections, so a clean bill of health now means healthier gums later. If you are suffering from morning sickness, let your dentist know, since stomach acids can damage tooth enamel.

Continue With Your Regular Appointments

If you are pregnant, it's no time to stop seeing your dentist. No harm can come from having your teeth cleaned and examined to ensure you stay healthy. Don't put off minor procedures like filling cavities that could worsen during your pregnancy. Your baby won't be harmed by the lidocaine injected into your gums if you need a filling done, and it's one less thing you must do once your baby is born.  

Get Serious About Home Hygiene

Be even more careful about brushing, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash while pregnant. Do your cleaning routine after every meal and before you turn in for the night. Gum diseases can happen to pregnant women during pregnancy, and they tend to get worse if not treated. If you notice any pinkness on your brush or floss, contact your dentist, as this could be a sign of gum diseases like gingivitis. The solution might be simply to have more frequent professional cleanings during pregnancy.

Strange Eating Habits to Watch Out For

Ice cream, pickles, and other odd food cravings can happen to anyone during pregnancy. Pregnancy can trigger cravings and is probably nothing to be concerned about, in most cases. However, if you find yourself craving or consuming things like dirt, paper, detergent, and anything else that is definitely not food, call your doctor and check with your dentist. Indulging in some of these things will not only harm you and your baby's health in general, but they could damage your teeth as well.

To find out more, speak to a local dentist.