4 Common Cosmetic Dental Treatments And Their Advantages

Posted on: 19 January 2022

Everyone dreams of having a beautiful, healthy, and sparkling smile. However, tooth discoloration, stains, chipping, and decay could be standing between you and your perfect smile. The best way to handle these weaknesses is by visiting a competent cosmetic dentist and getting an assessment. Here are four major cosmetic dentistry procedures and their value for your overall oral health. 

Whitening the Teeth

Tooth bleaching helps people that want a quick and effective way to transform their smile. The treatment is perfect for anyone with minor discoloration in their teeth and only needs a little brightening. The dentist can carry out the process using various techniques depending on the extent of the staining. For example, they could use bleach for light stains. They might use a laser when you have deep staining that needs extra attention. It is advisable to choose in-office tooth whitening instead of over-the-counter products because the latter is less effective and harmful in the long term. 

Veneers for the Teeth

Dental veneers have been a part of the recommended cosmetic dental procedures for decades. They are used to cover and transform any surface damage on the tooth. The process involves filing down the tooth gently and taking its impression. The impression is what the dental health professional uses to create the shell covering the tooth. They typically send it to the lab and create a veneer that fits over your tooth and conceals this damage. The dentist might also give you temporary veneers to use as they make the custom veneers. If you have dark stains that don't go away or chipped teeth, then dental veneers are an ideal solution for you. 

Abrasion for the Enamel

The enamel is the material that covers the tooth and gives it a milky white color. The enamel is prone to discoloration because it gets constant exposure to the foods you eat, the cigarettes you smoke, and other substances. The dentist uses enamel abrasion to get rid of the tough stains on the surface. They use a micro-abrasion machine to deliver the best quality teeth cleaning. 

Bonding of the Enamel

Bonding works well on stained and chipped teeth. The dentist uses composite bonding material similar to what they use in dental filings. They shape it to fit and protect the tooth from further damage.

The cosmetic dentist can assess your condition and help you decide the procedure that will work best for you. With their help, you will have a beautiful and perfect smile in a short time.