Should You Consider Clear Aligners For Your Overbite?

Posted on: 30 December 2020

Having an overbite not only affects the way your teeth look, but it can also affect the shape of your face and the way your jaw is positioned in your mouth. An overbite is where your top teeth jut over your bottom teeth, and an overbite can be corrected with the intervention of your dentist or orthodontist. If you treat your overbite now, you can improve your smile by giving it a more natural appearance and by helping your jaw align the way it should.

Should you consider clear aligners, like Invisalign, for your overbite? Do you have to get traditional braces or do other dental treatments instead? You'll want to speak to your dentist about using aligners to correct your smile, but you might be able to do this easily if your overbite isn't too severe. Here are signs you should consider clear aligners for your overbite.

You don't want obvious dental work done

If you can correct your overbite without being obvious about it, it's worth investing in, particularly if a treatment like Invisalign is approved by your dentist. Your dentist will first examine your overbite and the original positioning of your teeth to see if something like Invisalign will work for you. Once you have been approved for clear aligners to correct your overbite, you can have molds made of your teeth to have custom clear aligners made for you and begin your procedure.

You don't have other oral health needs

Your dentist will not recommend treatment for your overbite until all your other dental needs have been met. This means your teeth will have to have all cavities filled and other needs met prior to having your overbite tended to. Part of ensuring your your mouth is healthy will be your dentist doing a periodontal cleaning if you have any gum disease. Healthy teeth will produce a better result with clear aligners and other dental correction treatments.

To get the best results with your clear aligners, follow your dentist's advice and have your dental aligners changed out as recommended. You'll have many dental visits from when you first get Invisalign to when your smile is fully corrected, so be prepared to show up for every dentist appointment. Create a budget and payment plan for your clear aligners so you don't run into financial issues will having your teeth checked out. Your dentist will explain the costs of your clear aligners so you know what to expect with your treatment.