Tips For Ensuring A Pain- And Stress-Free Dental Cleaning

Posted on: 1 August 2019

A dental cleaning is an essential preventative treatment to ensure that you can remain free of cavities and gum disease for as long as possible. However, some people feel that cleanings are uncomfortable and will skip them for years on end. If you have been doing this yourself, then you should know that there are some things that you can do to make your cleaning as pain- and stress-free as possible. Keep reading to learn a bit about these things.

Clean Your Own Teeth

Dental cleanings are not meant to replace at-home oral care. They are meant as a supplement to your own daily care and they allow your dentist to clean in areas that are difficult for you to reach. Professional cleanings are also one of the only ways that tartar can be removed from the teeth and they also secure a specific time where your dentist is able to inspect the teeth for signs of cavities. 

With all of this in mind, you need to understand that you need to concentrate on your daily oral care routine if you want the cleaning to be comfortable. This way, your gums will be free of inflammation. Also, your dentist will not need nearly as much force and pressure to remove the tartar from the teeth.

You want to brush two times a day and pay close attention to the areas where tartar is most likely to form. These areas include the backs of the teeth and the molars. When brushing, consider using a tartar control toothpaste. This way, if you do miss an area of the mouth, plaque is less likely to harden into tartar. Flossing is important, too, and it should involve cleaning deep under the gum surface. Use a scraping motion against the side of the teeth to get rid of as much food and plaque as possible. 

Remain Calm

Pain and soreness in the dental chair can be partially caused by your own reaction to the dental cleaning process. Basically, if you are stressed, then your body is more likely to send signals to the brain that indicate that you are experiencing a negative stimulus. Also, stress can cause you to clench your jaw in a way that your muscles tense up.

You want to stay calm both before and during your cleaning treatment. Think about meditating beforehand or completing a task to keep your mind off the upcoming cleaning. For example, you can listen to calming music or you can read a book in the waiting room. You can even listen to music during the cleaning or watch a program on television if a TV is provided for you in the exam room. 

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