2 Ways to Alleviate Inflammation After Your Teen Gets a Tooth Implant Placement

Posted on: 30 November 2016

If your teen is missing a single tooth in the front of their mouth, then a single dental implant would be the easiest solution for this issue. A single implant placement looks identical to your teen's natural teeth and will last a number of years without issues. The first step of the single implant placement involves placing the actual implant into your teen's gums. Once the gum tissue heals over the implant, your dentist will proceed with the second step. This usually takes a few months and during this time your teen will experience inflammation. Intense inflammation can put a damper on the recovery process. Luckily, there are a few tips you can use to help them fight off inflammation.

Cover Their Surgical Area with a Cold Compress

A cold compress will be your teen's best form of relief after their implant placement procedure. This is due to the fact that a cold compress slows down inflammation. The longer that they are is kept covered the faster the inflammation will reduce. The easiest way to create a cold compress for your teen's implant is with ice. Fill a plastic bag with crushed ice and wrap that bag in a clean piece of cloth. Direct your teen to hold the ice bag against their surgical sites. Once they begin to feel a numbing sensation, they can remove the bag for a few minutes. Instruct them to repeat this process for at least a day to ensure that the inflammation remains at bay.

Make a Chamomile Oral Rinse

Oral rinses are some of the best ways to treat any kind of dental issue. They work well for reducing pain after a surgical procedure and they work even better for oral inflammation. The right herbal rinse contains anti-inflammatory properties that are intended to calm inflammation. Chamomile is one of the most common herbs used in dental care products because of its anti-inflammatories. You can create an oral rinse for your teen by taking dried chamomile and steeping it in a large mug. Cover the chamomile and allow it to sit for several hours. In order to make the rinse more powerful, you can add peppermint and lemon slices. Make sure that your teen uses the oral rinse after meals in order to alleviate inflammation.

Inflammation is part of the single implant placement procedure. With the right care, your teen will be able to overcome this inflammation in no time. Use these tips to help them do just that. For more information, consult a cosmetic dentist.