5 Reasons To Get Dental Veneers

Posted on: 3 February 2016

If you want to have an improved smile, dental veneers may be a good option for you. This is a thin, porcelain laminate that fits over your existing teeth. In some cases, you may need to have a small portion of enamel shaved off to have the best possible fit. However, having a smile that you're proud of can improve your self-confidence. If you're considering this dental procedure, you may want to know some of the most common reasons veneers are selected.

Reason #1: Cover chips or cracks

If you've had the misfortune of having a tooth broken or chipped, you will want to get this fixed. Doing so will prolong the health of your tooth and simply allow it to look better in the process.

Many people that have suffered injuries to the teeth select veneers because of the amazing results this procedure provides.

Reason #2: Crooked teeth

You may want to have teeth that are even and straight. Veneers can provide you with a perfect smile with only two visits to your dental office.

If your dentist has recommended braces and you don't want to go this route, veneers is an option that you may wish to explore.

Reason #3: Durability

Deciding to get any type of major dental procedure done is a major decision. You will want to ensure the work that you have completed will be successful and will stand the test of time.

Veneers are durable and can last up to 15 years in many cases. You may need to have these replaced after this amount of time, but this will depend on numerous factors.

Reason #4: Resistant to stain

Having a whiter smile can simply make you feel better about yourself. However, over time, the foods you eat and drink can cause your teeth to become discolored and stained.

Veneers will remain white while you have these in place and are totally stain resistant. However, it's important to continue your regular oral hygiene routine to keep these in the best shape.

Reason #5: No anesthesia

It's likely that you won't need to have anesthesia when having this dental procedure done. You may experience a little discomfort, but overall this process can be completed naturally.

Veneers can be a great way to change your life and improve your smile in the process. Be sure to talk to your dentist, like Patrick M Pitts, today to determine if this procedure is ideal for you!