How To Removes Stains On Teeth Naturally

Posted on: 4 December 2015

Dark and stained teeth can look unattractive and make you feel ashamed to smile. When people see your stained teeth, they may think that you are unhealthy or don't take care of your teeth. Consuming something as simple as coffee can leave a small discoloration on your teeth and the stains can get darker over time. Here is a natural way to whiten your teeth by simply making a paste made of baking soda and strawberries.

1 – Take two large sized strawberries and cut them up into very tiny pieces. Put the pieces into a small bowl and then take a fork and mash them up into a paste. Make sure that there are no large chunks of strawberry left that before you proceed to the next step.

2 – Take the baking soda and measure out one small spoon full and then mix it into the bowl of mashed strawberries. Make sure that the baking soda is completely mixed in and that it has been evenly distributed throughout the strawberries.

3 – Take a toothbrush and apply some of the strawberry and baking soda mixture to it like you would apply toothpaste. Use the mixture on the brush to brush your teeth for two to three minutes and make sure to pay special attention when brushing to the areas that are stained. When brushing make sure that you brush in a circular motion to avoid irritating the gums.

4 – Let the baking soda mixture to sit on the teeth for a full three to five minutes before rinsing your mouth out with water and mouth wash. During that time the acids in the strawberries and the baking soda will work to break down the dark spots on your teeth and dissolve them.

5 – Take a small mouth full of water and rinse out your mouth to remove the baking soda mixture. Some people may want to brush their teeth regularly with toothpaste afterwards to ensure that the berries have been completely removed from your teeth. To complete the task, take a mouth full of mouthwash and leave your breath with a minty fresh smell and taste.

If you follow the steps outlined above and the stains still remain on your teeth, you will need to consult with a dentist at a dental office, such as Alaska Dental Arts. A dentist that specializes in cosmetic dentistry will be able to examine the stains and use specialized tools to have them professionally removed from the teeth.