3 Reasons Why A Root Canal Is A Good Idea

Posted on: 14 May 2015

For most people, the mere mention of getting a root canal is enough to make them rub their jaw in pain. Rumored to be one of the more painful dental procedures a root canal is really anything but. In fact, a root canal can be a crucial procedure that can save your teeth. So, if you're nervous about scheduling the procedure, here are a few things you should know:

Save Your Teeth

A root canal is primarily performed so that a nasty infection can be cleared. Without this crucial procedure, your tooth is almost as good as already being dead. You might think your teeth are fine, they're still hard on the outside, so what's the rush?

In reality, the inside of your tooth is soft and pulpy and an infection will wreak havoc, basically corroding away until your tooth is simply a shell that will easily fall out. So don't delay, save your teeth today!

It Won't Fix Itself, In Fact, It Can Only Get Worse

Out of sight, out of mind might work with some things, but it won't work in the case of an infection. In fact, the longer you dodge getting a root canal after it's recommended, the worse the problem can get. Of course, you might be able to power through the pain and it will indeed go away after a while, but this is actually a terrible sign.If the pain suddenly stops this usually means that the nerves inside your tooth have already rotted away. Also, if you think one abscessed tooth is bad enough, just imagine what will happen if the infection spreads when left untreated. So really, there is no upside to avoiding treatment. 

Get Relief From Pain

This one flies in the face of most of the myths surrounding root canals, but a root canal can actually remove a great deal of pain that is associated with infections.  So instead of avoiding the procedure which you may think is painful, just remember, you can free your mouth of that throbbing pain that gets in the way of day-to-day life. You also shouldn't fret over whether or not the procedure will be too painful to warrant the relief, as the procedure has been relatively painless for years now.

So, while it might be intimidating, as any procedure can be, a root canal can only increase the quality of your life. So, if your dentist recommends it, you should jump on it right away.